TASCHEN André Butzer. Screen Print 'Untitled III', 2022

Fusing European Expressionism with American pop culture, while taking in wide-ranging influences from the likes of Friedrich Hölderlin, Walt Disney, and Henry Ford, André Butzer has created a fascinating pictorial universe since the late 1990s. This exclusive screen print is dedicated to André Butzer's iconic character of the Woman, which is the guiding star at the center of his work. This screen print in an exclusive limited-edition of 100 copies was handmade from start to finish: each of the six colors was carefully mixed from real pigments and the screen print was then hand-printed on handmade Somerset cotton paper. The paper, the printing process, as well as the inks are all CO2 neutral and organic. Graceful and radiant, the figure of the Woman is André Butzer's guiding star. Only she is able to reconcile an inhospitable world with the utopian place in space that is his NASAHEIM. She embodies the most confident sense of being and experienced living. Life finding consistency in artistic form. In suddenness and solidity Butzer's lavishly realized screen prints come forth in simplicity and fullness alike. Every stroke and every patch of colors gleams as if painted by hand. Thus, fully immersed in color, the clear-sighted women stride along or delicately sway like golden-toned blossoms-constantly renewing the full scope of the stirrings of the heart. Exclusively made for TASCHEN, this screen print is: 'Untitled III', 2022. Edition of 100 copies, numbered, signed, and dated by André Butzer. Also available as single screen prints: 'Untitled I', 2022, 'Untitled II', 2022, and 'Untitled IV', 2022, each numbered, signed, and dated by André Butzer

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